Feedback in real time

You'll hear your trainer during the workout and be guided through the workout from start to finish.

Gut so!
Top Form!
Noch zwei!
Come on!

Motivation at the push of a button

The band enables your trainer to give you feedback on the exercise you are working on and counts your reps


3D motion detection

Counts your reps and gives you feedback on weights and execution. In real time.


Interactive voice coaching

The trainer talks to you and tells you what you should pay attention to. And what not.


Full power for a week of training

The battery easily lasts the whole week - with 3-4 training sessions. No one can stop you!


Button for pause or skip

With one click you can pause the trainer or even skip the break. You decide.


Always fits - on your hand or foot

Depending on the exercise, the sensor can quickly be switched from hand to ankle. Snappy!

At the core of everything,
but not a heart rate monitor

With the help of the Hero Band you get your feedback in real time. The band has a motion sensor equipped with Bluetooth to analyze your movements. It is designed for training with the Hero Workout app and is not a heart rate monitor and does not track steps.

Analyzed during Training

  • Execution of exercise
  • Repetitions
  • Range of motion
  • Speed of execution
  • Time under tension
  • Exhaustion level

Is not Analyzed

  • Number of steps
  • Sleep
  • Daily activity
  • Heart rate

Your trainer in
your gym bag

Your Hero Band waits patiently until you start your next workout with the Hero app. Just leave it in your gym bag and your trainer is always with you.

Rock'n Roll?
Roll and Rock!

Rolled out or rolled up. Easily switch the band between your wrist and your ankle.

Charges magnetically &
energizes your workout.

The battery lasts a whole week of training with 4-5 workouts. What about you?

"Made in Germany"

Simple, easy and sturdy. The perfect companion for your workouts. Designed and built in Germany.

Hero Workout

Get the Hero app and start your best workout.

Hero Band

Get the 3D Motion Tracker for interactive trainer feedback.

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