Your trainer will
help you reach your goal.

Gives you feedback on your training.
Is with you all the way.

Gut so!
Top Form!
Noch zwei!
Come on!
HERO Band on wrist

Hear your trainer during every workout

Different trainers with programs for each level will guide you through your entire workout using audio coaching.

Get personalized feedback

Motion detection with the Hero Band allows for personalized feedback based on your workout.

Choose program.
Put on the band.
Start your workout.

Choose your favorite digital trainer and workout program in the app and get started!


Your trainer takes you by the hand.

With the Hero Band on your wrist or ankle, your movements are monitored and your trainer can give you feedback.

Motivation in your ears,
successful workouts.

Get personalized feedback from your favorite coaches.

Experience all the benefits of Hero Workout

Audio guided workout experiences

Personal training when and where you want

100% more motivation while training

Track and reach your goals

for every experience level

learn our trainer's tips and tricks

Your best workout with your Hero!

Choose from countless trainers and programs. Discover digital personal training and experience your best workout!

Hero Workout

Get the Hero app and start your best workout.

Hero Band

Get the 3D Motion Tracker for interactive trainer feedback.

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